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Heat Press

A heat press is essentially a large iron that clamps down onto a garment with substantial pressure, to apply some form of a "heat transferred" decoration. Our heat presses have max area of 16”x20”.

Type of transfer options:

Plastisol Ink Transfer

Plastisol ink is screen printed first onto a transfer paper, coated with an adhesive powder, and then pressed onto garments.

  • Most used for: Neck tags

Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl is cut using a plotter which uses a small blade. A series of names and numbers for jerseys, or any design, is uploaded to a cutting software as an outline. Once the vinyl is cut, the waste vinyl aroud the image must be "weeded" from the decoration being transferred. The vinyl is then heat pressed onto the garment.

  • Most used for: Names and numbering
  • Good for polyester jerseys

Dye Sublimation

Sublimation ink is printed onto transfer paper. The ink is then heated to 400 degrees which transfers it into the polyester fibers, changing the fiber color itself vs. coating it with ink. Fabric must be white or a light color. Think about if you tried to print a bright picture onto a dark piece of paper in your printer. You would see little to nothing. Light blues, greys, yellows, pinks, and of course white, are best.

Fabric must have a minimum of 50% polyester, 100% is recommended. The ink will only dye the fabric that is polyester, so a heavier non polyester content will give a more washed out look. The advantage is that the dye is changing the color of the fiber itself. Nothing is sitting on top of the fiber like your typical plastisol screen printing, direct to garment printing, or vinyl. For zero hand feel cotton garments, screen printing with waterbase inks achieves the same benefit and is more cost-effective in large production runs (72 pcs. minimum).

  • Zero hand-feel
  • Minimum order is 10 pieces
  • Great for full color
  • Only suitable for 50%+ Polyester fabrics of white or light shades


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