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10th Anniversary Tribute Video

Aug 12, 2022 -- Posted by : wearthefund

To all the do-gooders in the world and our community, I salute you. I cannot express the gratitude, grief, highs, and lows, this first 10 years has brought me, and my loved ones. But what I can say is, so far it’s been a dream. From my “WTF” epiphany during my junior year at UF, to the garage, to our first warehouse, to where we are now…. from our first 1,000 tees made, and our first $1,000 given back… to the now many hundreds of thousands in giveback and that many more tees. It was all a dream… In a very me way, the only way to express my gratitude and humble thanks to all those who have been a part of the journey… I made a little video from my heart and own inspiration, and hope you enjoy a feel a little inspired yourself today on our 10th birthday. Thank you, and I cannot wait to share and experience the next decade with you all, and bring what is next to come, in my hope of putting at least a small positive dent into the world. The last decade has been and was, a rollercoaster for us all, I can only hope the next is the same, just even better. Please enjoy until the end for special announcement, and e-mail me to take part as a beta pioneer in 2023 or sign up here.


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