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Letter from Sam 4/30/2021 - New Release

Apr 30, 2021 -- Posted by : wearthefund
As we near a quarter-million dollars given back to our nonprofit heroes from your purchases, we remember that our way of business is not just a "cool" idea, but an example, and investment into our future for generations to come.
(Image circa el Garaje 2013)

Dear Loyal WTFer,

    Right now during our highest sales month ever, I constantly worry that we can lose clients due to an overwhelmed Client Care team and/or a seemingly endless stream of boxes containing your merch. It is through almost a decade of repeating this growth cycle, that I know, even during this stressful time ridden with anxiety and worry (in and out of work), that there is no better time to focus and invest in the macro business (and life) items we all share (not to mention cool machinery, new peeps, and technology to enhance your experience). During this hectic growth period both personally and professionally, to become the Apple of our industry and leaders of positive change means to be meticulous about the bigger picture items in our life and work. I believe this means holding strong values, and meaningful relationships with our clients (and neighbors). At WearTheFund, we believe quality, value, sustainability, and culture are fundamental to running a good business. But we also know that our relationship with you, our clients, and neighbors, is essential to the world we are creating, and humbled to be a small piece of the solution for a better world tomorrow. We are grateful for your loyalty (and at times patience), and I just wanted to say hello! Please don't be a stranger, give me a shout (I'll do my best to reply in a timely fashion, you're always on my mind, and it's appropriate to start with WTF SAM!), and smile and say hello to the next stranger you see while you're at it 😎. Please continue to invest in us and yourself, and we will continue to reinvest in your experience and our community. We are all in this together, and could not be more excited to continue working at your side for generations to come. We are elated to share some life-changing WTF news in the weeks to come, and please click on the picture below to obtain the first edition of our new and extremely limited WTF releases.

Truly yours,

   Sam & The WTF Crew

Interested in custom screen printing, embroidery? 

Order your next t-shirts or merch by e-mailing info@wearthefund.com, or calling 844-WTF-GIVE.


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